Thursday, September 06, 2012

Proper Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

Wholesale wood flooring, like those from ProSource wholesale floorcoverings, can be a great way to redo your floors without having to spend a lot of money. Hardwood floors are known for their beauty and durability, but not many people know that they can add value to your home as well if you maintain them correctly!

Hardwood floors are one of the easiest flooring options to keep clean. Basic maintenance of hardwood floors includes sweeping, vacuuming, and going over with a dust mop.

Be on the lookout for these common hardwood floor damagers!

Sun – Can fade your floors quickly! Be sure to keep curtains closed during peak sun hours.

Dirt – Dirt if left on the floors can scratch and stain your beautiful hardwood floors. Adding a welcome mat or any type of mat at your front door for people to wipe their shoes on can cut down on the amount of dirt on your floors.

Water – Water is left on the floor for long periods of time, can cause your floors to warp. Water can also damage hardwood floors if used to clean the floors! You want to use a commercially available wood cleaning project to mop with.

Furniture – Don’t drag your furniture across the floors when moving it! You can purchase pads that go beneath the furniture or grab a few friends to lift the furniture! You also want to avoid rough housing that may jolt your furniture across the floors.

You can use an area rug to cut down on the space where dirt and sun can damage. Area rugs or runners can also be used in areas with high foot traffic to reduce grooves forming in the wood.

Using these tips, you can ensure your hardwood floors remain beautiful for years to come!

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