Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun drawings...

I thought I'd share a couple little drawings I made in the past. I'm a nervous type of person and I have a hard time sitting still...that is unless I'm completely exhausted! Then I can lay down and sleep without much trouble.

But every once in a while when I'm sitting around filling a little bit of time...like when I'm on the phone with someone and I get put on hold...I doodle. And during the cold winter months I seem to have more time on my hands so I'll take out my drawing pad and play around a bit.

Here are a couple pictures of a few little doodles I made...

"Dreaming of Chocolate"


"Girls Dream"

"Shoe on a Pedestal"

"My Kind of Tea Party"

I hope you enjoy them...I always have fun when I'm creating!

More fun to come soon...until then,

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