Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maternity and Nursing Clothes

I just celebrated my 47th birthday yesterday so the subject of maternity clothing certainly isn't front and enter in my mind. However, I've recently been blessed with the title 'Great Aunt' and I'm soon to be twice blessed with that glorious title. My nephew and his girlfriend just had a beautiful baby girl. And my niece is due any day now with her first child. I can't believe how much I love these babies already! I can hardly wait to spoil them like crazy!

Meanwhile, as my nieces progressed through their pregnancies I couldn't help but notice how cute they looked. When I was pregnant I would never have thought of wearing tight fitting clothing. I wore the flouncy oversized tops that made me look like a whale. I know...I don't like to complain because, as my husband so eloquently stated several times, "It's a temporary inconvenience for a long term gain." Yes, looking and feeling huge was only temporary and resulted in the three greatest loves of my life! But maternity fashions back in the mid-to-late 90's and earlier left a lot to be desired.

I'm sure you've seen images of the latest trend in maternity clothing on T.V., in magazines and on the internet, too. The tops, slacks and dresses are very form fitting. Not only does the mommy-to-be's belly stick out, sometimes you can see their newly displayed 'outty' belly button! But honestly none of that matters! I think these women look completely darling with their tummies sticking out. They should be proud of the miracle that is in process. Shout it out to everyone and let that growing belly be seen! Hind sight being 20/20 I wish I would have been proud to show my baby bump.

In this modern age being stylish doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. It's easy and affordable to find stylish maternity clothing. I've discovered websites like which offer a large variety of maternity tops, dresses, jeans and more and the prices aren't as high as you might expect. That's a big plus! I recall when I was pregnant that maternity clothes tended to be quite pricey. There were very few maternity stores in our area and the ones that I frequented were very expensive.

So while, I can't change for myself what took place nearly 15-20 years ago, I'm happy to support the modern trend in maternity clothing. Accentuating the beauty of a pregnant young lady is, in my opinion, placing a very positive light on a miracle in progress!

Okay...I better get moving and get to drawing portraits and painting name signs. More interesting topics and fun on the way very soon so stay tuned...until then,

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