Friday, February 17, 2012

Writing My 'Master-Peace'

I have a sketch book that I like to use for doodles or simple little drawings. In looking over my sketch book most of my doodles or drawings are dated in the first half of each year. It seems that in late winter and early spring my business slows enough so that I have the time to spend doing what I really love and that's just creating my own little designs or doodles.

In the 'custom artwork' business world your time is spent catering to creating the designs and themes that your customer wants. In turn you have less time to create what's in your own heart and what is inspirational to yourself.

This issue has been something I've dealt with for the past few years. I've been pining away  trying to create a part of my business that is all about 'my' designs and 'my' themes and 'my' ideas. But it's always a struggle because the custom artwork is the niche of my business that pays the bills.

So here we are.

But back to my sketchbook full of doodles and drawings...

I pulled out my sketchbook and took some photos of some little quotes that I doodled a while ago. They are very inspirational and I thought I'd share them with you.

The designs are utterly simplistic and certainly nothing to write home about, but what I like is the message. Our lives are really in our own hands and we are the authors of our own life stories.

On the second page I like how I used the word 'Peace'. I have a really busy life and I've suffered from a high level of anxiety for many years. I continually tell myself that I need to take more time for me so I can feel 'peace' in my life. I am constantly learning about little things you can do to make your days less anxiety-ridden and using the word 'Peace' throughout my days has helped me greatly.

So I'm spending my days attempting to write my own 'Master-Peace'.

Okay, I just got back from the gym and I need to get in the shower and get my day moving. I'll have more to share soon...until then,


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