Saturday, February 18, 2012's time for me...

I think the time has finally arrived. I'm in my mid 40's and I've noticed over the past several months that when I'm painting small details on my artwork or reading small print the area between my eyes and the ends of my arms is getting much wider! I have to get on the ball and make an appointment with the eye doctor before things get worse.

But, I'll be honest with you, I'm a bit excited. I LOVE to shop and there are so many stylish eyeglasses these days and, while they are a necessity, eyeglasses have also become quite a fashion accessory.

My husband has been wearing eyeglasses for many years and at least a year ago he was on the search for affordable eyeglasses. Since he is 'forever frugal' he got a bit excited when he discovered that nowadays you can buy eyeglasses at very reasonable prices.

Knowing that my husband was able to find reasonably priced eyeglasses I recently began looking around and found Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is a prescription eye wear company offering a wide range of high quality affordable eyeglass products that are durable, safe and comfortable. Plus Zenni only sells their own brand of manufactured frames directly from their own factories. This creates such a savings for you. I'm sure you understand that when there is a middleman involved the end result is a higher priced product for you, the final customer. With Zenni this extra cost is null and void. Cool!!

Zenni Optical offers $6.95 prescription eyeglasses and all glasses include an anti-scratch coating, full UV protection and thin and light single vision lenses. Plus you get a a free protective case with each pair and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Shipping for an entire order is only $4.95! Wow! I was impressed!

Zenni Optical also has a super cool tool on their site where you can try on a variety of glasses-- virtually. You simply upload your own face image to the Zenni Frame Fit system. Or if you don't have an image of yourself to upload then you can use one of the many face images they have. Just be honest with yourself and make sure you use the stock image that matches your face structure! Yes, I'd like to upload the face that looks like Angelina Jolie and think that I look like her, but let's be 'real'. It would be my round chubby cheeks that would have to carry the style around with me so I wouldn't live in denial! At least for a few minutes anyways.

And Zenni has very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to place your order on their 'How To order' page. And, most importantly, remember that you will need an up-to-date prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist to complete your order.

Or if you are just buying frames for wearing and don't need a prescription you can do that, too. Just the other day at my son's basketball game a group of teenage girls was passing around a pair of cute eyeglasses that were not prescription. They liked them because it made them look smart as well as adorable!

For me...well...if the eyeglasses I end up buying make me look adorable and smart that would be the icing on the cake. What I truly need is a pair of eyeglasses to help correct my vision! But I won't complain. I'm 46 years old and just now have to get eyeglasses. I've lasted pretty long without eyeglasses so I must have a pretty good set of peepers!

Okay...I'm on the way to starting my day. More sharing to come...until then,


Linda Lewis at Creative Artworks! said...

This is a really good post, Jane. At 46, I consider you still a 'baby.' The information you gave about the website is really good and should help lots of people get what they need and save money.

P.S. I do think you look a little bit like Angelina... :0)

Hirsita Dixit said...

Excellent shots...Thanks for Sharing
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Vincent Davis said...

It's a good thing you found the right glasses for you. Aging is one of the leading causes of eye problems, and having the right pair of glasses can definitely help slow that unfortunate progression. With proper correction from the right pair of eyeglasses, people can still enjoy their lives without any inconvenience.

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