Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Computer Issues

A few days ago we had a major computer crash. I was working on my website when all of a sudden everything shut down. I couldn't get it back up and running for anything. Thankfully I have a laptop from which I can also work so I wasn't completely out of commision. But the main desktop computer that went down is the one I use for business and it has all of my artwork photos as well as my personal family pictures, videos, documents, etc.

I went into complete panic mode worrying that I lost so many precious memories along with a large number of important papers and work photos. Suddenly I gained a new appreciation for the term 'back up'...something I've only done on occasion! (Yes, I know that is such a sad statement to make considering I've been in business for so long. But apparently I had been in denial thinking that something like this wouldn't happen to me.)

As well as the laptop I use I have another older laptop that still runs, but the power adaptor needs replaced so that computer wasn't working either. Therefore we were down to only one computer and we had to take turns using the laptop. My whole family was sort of wondering around in circles all weekend! It was kind of sad to see how we are all so addicted to our computers.

But I tried to make lemonade out of my lemons! Here are some of the things I took care of while living somewhat computer-free for a few days:

  • I cleaned out my pantry.
  • I cleaned around our computer desk as well as under the desk where all the dust bunnies love to hide.
  • I had all the laundry done way before Monday--which rarely happens around here.
  • I learned how to use our external hard drive--which will be used on a regular basis now!
  • We got all of our tax papers together and had them ready to drop off.
  • And on Sunday morning as I wondered around the house trying to find something to do I kept telling myself, "Jane, it's okay if you lost all of those photos. What's more important is that your family is together. You have three beautiful and healthy children. Your husband loves you. You have a roof over your head..." and so on. So even though I was worried I knew everything was going to be okay.
Finally Monday morning arrived and we dropped off the computer for repair. We assumed the hard drive was fried. But thankfully it wasn't!! It was just a virus...which amazes me somewhat. We have Norton Internet Security and it has been installed on this computer since we bought it and it's been updated. However we suspect that a stinking virus or malware or whatever somehow got into our system and the Norton firewall was turned off. It's simply criminal how these things work!

But I'm completely thankful that it was easily repaired. I have all of my important files back in my hands and they have all been unharmed! Now I will be backing things up constantly!

So over the past few days I learned a huge lesson from many aspects. First of all...Back up your work! Secondly when you are forced into some down time you have to pick yourself up, get busy and get those things you've left on the back burner taken care of. And finally and most important, look around you and focus on and realize what really matters in your life! that I have my favorite computer back there will be more on the way soon...until then,

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