Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sharing this simple thought...

I have a small board in my work space that I consider my 'inspiration board'.

I also have a small TV in my work room and I almost always have it on. Even though I don't really watch it because I'm painting and my eyes are elsewhere in the room I can certainly listen to it.

Every so often I hear someone say something that strikes a chord in me and I'll jot it down quickly and post it on my inspiration board.

Here's one I heard and saved a few months ago...I wrote it down but then also took a photo of it...

This thought resonates within me because many days I am constantly on the go. I run here and I run there and then I run somewhere else. The next thing I know...I'm exhausted and it's time for bed.

But every so often I get one of those days where things aren't quite so hectic. Yet instead of enjoying the down time these feelings of guilt creep into my mind. Rather than relaxing that negative voice in my head tells me that I'm being lazy and irresponsible. What??? Are you serious??? Why would I ever let those thoughts bother me???

Well, I decided that I have to lay blame on the perfectionist part of my personality. I'm a Virgo and while you might not think I'm a perfectionist by looking at the dust on my furniture or the clutter on my dining room table, I am definitely a perfectionist when it relates to my work. I am highly critical of how each finished product looks and if I'm not satisfied with even the tiniest detail I HAVE to fix it or it will eat away at me.

Sometimes I tell myself that my perfectionism is a good thing. I have many return customers who praise my work and refer my websites to their friends and family. So perhaps it's the 'love in the details' that makes all the difference with my artwork. Or maybe it's the 'devil in the details'??? Hmmm...that's something to ponder for sure!

Meanwhile, as the guilt oozed from my pores last week when I had a slow day I looked up at my inspiration board and saw it and thought to myself, 'Jane, it's okay to take a day to rest! You don't have to constantly run, run, run. As the quote says we are human 'beings' not human 'doings'! So just 'BE' and enjoy it!

Okay more sharing on the way...until then,


Linda Lewis at Creative Artworks! said...

I love this post, Jane. I think we all focus on what we 'should' be doing, or what we 'have' to do, leaving very little time for what we'd 'like' to do, or just doing nothing. I'm glad you found the quote - permission to simply 'be.'

Hirsita Dixit said...
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