Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been 'playing' some games on the internet quite a bit lately. One website where you can play games and win real prizes--for free--is

I know there are many ways to play games online but with Winster you play games with other people and you help them along the way. A few other gaming websites are overly competitive and can leave you feeling defeated. Yes, I learned this the hard way--I lost money and felt like a complete I fell for a huge scam! However, with Winster you play games with the hopes of winning (obviously), but you also help others win free prizes as well. Now that's the part that's pretty fun!

In a nutshell, you work together with other people--the friends you meet on the site--to earn points. The points that are earned can be used to give gifts to these friends. You can also use your points to get coupons for a variety of different items such as pizza or candy. Some points can even get gift certificates to some very well known websites.

The most popular games are slots and poker and I found these games pretty fun. It's more fun when you find people on the site who enjoy helping one another. I had a few experiences where people seemed somewhat rude and sort of overlooked me because I was a newbie. But whatever! You can walk out your front door and get treated rudely! Nothing's perfect!

Overall I found these games to be pretty fun so if you have some free time on your hands check out -- I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time!

More fun to share soon...until then,

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