Sunday, January 08, 2012

Divorce Law

   I'm sure most of you have been affected by divorce whether it's a family member of close friend. My sister is currently going through this very difficult life change. She and her soon to be be ex-husband contacted a lawyer because they needed advice on how to handle everything legally. Hiring a divorce lawyer barrie is essential because they have a clear understanding of the current divorce laws. Along with their many years of courtroom experience they will advise you and help you attain a better understanding regarding your rights and obligations. Their end goal is to do their best to provide you with the best outcome for your case.

   I'm sure the thought of hiring a divorce lawyer can set off the 'chaching, chaching' sound echoing in your mind. I know my sister dealt with the issue of, "How will I pay for this?". But she knew she had to ignore the worry caused by that intimidating thought. It is vital to hire a lawyer if you are considering divorce. Divorce law is very complicated. But it's even more complex if there are children involved. Thankfully my sister and her ex didn't have children.

   However, a good friend of mine has a different story to share. Separated from her husband of 16 years my friend had a very hard time dealing with the idea of divorce. While this separation was very difficult for her and her husband, it was even more difficult for their children. It was heartbreaking to witness all the pain their year long separation caused.

   I'm happy to share, though, that their story has a happy ending. Over this past holiday season they decided to reconcile. Right now the children are doing well, but only time will tell if things will work out for them. I don't know for sure what caused their change of heart, but I can't help but wonder if it was their children. I don't necessarily believe you should avoid divorce because of your children. But I feel if children are involved then you should take every step possible to make things work before you call it quits. Marriage counseling, family counseling...whatever. Just do everything you can before you decide to break your family apart.

   Every day I send up a little prayer of thanks that my husband and I are still happy in our marriage. Oh yes, we've had our share of difficulties over the years, but we never got to the point of separation or the thought of divorce. However, I tend to dislike the work 'never' so I won't say it. I think if you believe something will 'never' happen to you then you're tempting fate! So I'll just stay humble and pray that things continue in the right direction for our family.

   More things to share soon...until then,


divorce attorney fort lauderdale said...

Divorce is really big factor for the kids and they can't see there parents are divorcing and not doing to leave in one house. You should need to learn how to handle this situation so your kids will get better support.

Muskegon MI Lawyer said...

Unfortunately with so many marriages ending in divorce, divorce laws are something that many people throughout the world are needing to learn about. Divorce is never a simple subject and must be taken seriously.

Jane Loedding, Artist & Owner said...

Agreed completely. I've witnessed divorce within my family and many friends. So many details that require professional guidance and advice. Thanks for commenting!

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