Thursday, January 05, 2012

Getting back into the swing of it!

Goodness! I don't know what my deal is but this week I'm having a hard time getting back into my routine.

I think it's simply the same thing that happens after we get back from our summer vacation...I need a vacation from my vacation!

So, I'm back to work, but only partially. I decided to take a few days to figure out my new year routine. We bought a family pass to a local health club as a surprise for our kids for Christmas. Our kids are so inspirational to me because they seem to be developing a serious desire to exercise. I guess I can take some credit for that since I've been a devoted walker for years. Then this past spring I actually started running which is something I hadn't done since my early 20's. But that only lasted 3 months. I really don't like running! I'm a walker.

Anyways, my husband and I went in yesterday for the first time. I have to figure out when I'll fit this workout time into my days. Over the spring, summer and fall I always make time to walk in our local park and I feel good about the amount of exercise I get during the warmer months. But it's so hard to get out for a walk when it's so cold and snowy! So I committed to myself that I will make it to the gym at least 3-4 times a week over the next few months. I have to do this...I get so lethargic in the winter and being that I'm in my mid 40's the weight is coming on and it's getting much harder to take off. I have to get this time in or else I'll be struggling with my weight forever.

Once I get myself back on track I will tackle the orders that came in during my holiday vacation.

I'll have more to share soon... for now it's time to get ready to go to the gym and regain my energy level!

More fun to come...until then,

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