Sunday, October 30, 2011

Product Showcase - Two Sided Door Plaques

   I've decided to try and showcase some of my work on my blog that tends to be outside of the norm. Because the items I create are personalized and custom made -- custom name plaques and door signs -- my customers ask for items that may seem to be 'outside of the box'. But in reality I get many requests that are pretty similar in nature.

   Whether you want an unusual theme, colors that aren't the norm or different wording I can usually work something out. (One thing to note--I will not and cannot recreate copyrighted images). But as long as your requests aren't too detailed or hard for me to create then I almost always give it the 'old college try'.

   One particular type of item I get lots of requests for is a 'Two Sided Door Plaque'. Many times these plaques are for businesses, but sometimes they are for children to use for play or for teenagers to hang on their doorknobs to their bedrooms.

Here are a few photos:


   Normally on my ribbon door plaques I attach the ribbon to the back of the plaque. But as you can see from the above sample photos of my two-sided plaques I attach the ribbons to the sides of each plaque. They simply just need to be lifted off the door knob, the hook or whatever you are hanging the sign from and then flipped around.

   In the one sample photo you can see it's a but different. By the customer's request I drilled a hole in the plaque and hung it from a ribbon in the center of the plaque.

   So rather than having to buy two separate signs you simply request a two sided door plaque and you're able to kill two birds with one stone!

More on the way...until then,

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