Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Correction on my last post!!

Okay....I don't know where my head was or what the heck was going on with me that day...perhaps I was reading too fast due to excitement??? Hmmmm...maybe! BUT...

In my last post titled Enter to win a beautiful bangle bracelet!! I had a few things wrong...the drawing is for ANY piece of jewelry in her shop not just her bangles. AND the piece you win will be made especially for you. Simply look through her listings and tell her which piece is your favorite and she'll make another like it or similar to it in your favorite color.

So to clarify EVERYTHING I'll list the details for the drawing again along with the necessary corrections:

Sign up to follow Zasra's blog.
Leave a comment as to your favorite color, any favorite "catch phrase" or inspirational words.
Then tell her your favorite piece of jewelry from her Etsy shop, Zasra.
Then you'll be entered into the drawing with the chance to win a piece of her jewelry made especially for you.
And if you share the contest with a friend and they sign up she'll enter you again.

WHEW!! Hope I got it right this time!

Geez...I know I'm getting old, but goodness...I'm not that old! I'll just blame my confusion on my overwhelmingly busy life! (Yeah, right! LOL!)

I'm sure I'll have more good stuff to share soon...until then,

1 comment:

zasra said...

Oh , Jane ..... it is amazing keeping anything straight , isn't it ???? I can relate, trust me.

Thank you for posting again , you cleared it up beautifully ! :)

Again , your the bomb! :) Have a great day!
Andria ~ Zasra

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