Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm trying...I'm trying...

...good Lord, I'm trying like heck to get back into the swing of things!!

The past coupe of months have been insane and very trying emotionally. I'm slowly but surely making my way back to some sense of normalcy.


Oh, how I hate to use a word that's related in any way to the root word 'normal'. The older I get the more life pushes, smashes and shoves into my face the reality that there is no such thing as normal! Sometimes I feel that the mere thought of using such a dastardly word sends the universe into punishment mode. I have to brace myself because I know I'm about to get walloped in the head for even considering the word let alone have it sneak out of my mouth!!

Anyways...back to real life...

...I'm still spending quite a bit of time at my mom's on a daily basis dealing with her continuing health issues. And I was out of commission for about 10 days when my sister-in-law passed away. We had to go to Chicago for the funeral which is about 500 miles away from our town. That trip was physically stressful as well as heartbreaking and painful.

Needless to say the last few weeks I've been focusing on pulling myself back together and getting things back on track.

I have an adorable and wonderful children's book that I want to share with you. Hopefully I'll get a moment this week to pass it along. It's a great book that applies to every religion and any time of year, but it's also very appropriate for the holiday season that's upon us.

So I'll be in touch soon with some real goodies...thanks for being so patient with me while I pull myself back together.

Take care until then,


trusk4u said...

I can certainly relate with you and your current situation. I went through a similar situation just over 6 years ago when my Mom was very ill with cancer. Dealing with that and then her passing just threw me and it took a very long time to get back to "normal". Just give yourself some time-things have a way of working themselves out.

Jane Loedding said...

Thank you for your encouraging words...it means so much! 'Normal' is something that I know is somewhere far off into the future. But I've decided I have to be grateful for the chaos...it makes me appreciate life's little things so much more. :)

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