Friday, May 01, 2009

Indie Craft Wall

Indie Craft Wall is a new, hip, and alternative guide to buying handmade arts and crafts.

At the Wall you'll find links to the worlds brightest independent online stores. And the best feature is...everything is handmade!

When you visit the wall you'll find a variety of block images all over the grid (or wall). Find one...(or two or three or four)...that piques your interest, click on it and you'll be directed to that artist's shop. When you make a purchase it comes directly from that middle-man involved.

If you're a creative soul looking for a unique way to market your wares they're always looking for new artists to feature over at the wall. And the added benefit as a business owner is the ad rates are incredibly affordable! So if you're like me and always looking for inexpensive and effective ways to advertise your shop then you MUST check out the Indie Craft Wall!

Click the button below and become part of the Handmade Revolution!

More great finds on the way!

Until then...

Jane :)

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