Sunday, April 05, 2009

Trying so hard... let it all go and just create!

It's Sunday morning...everyone is still sleeping...went to 4:30 mass yesterday so no need to 'get up and go'...what a wonderful feeling! For someone who always has somewhere to go or some place to be...everyday...this 'obligation-free' morning is heavenly!

So I want to paint...paint for me...paint my heart out.

But I get stuck...blocked...nothing comes out. What can I do???

I surf the web for a few minutes and visit some of my favorite websites...this is one of them...

Donna Downey -

I love to visit Donna Downey's website, see all of her inspirational works and read her blog. She seems like she really creates from her heart. This is what I want to do today...this is what I NEED to do today. I have so much in me and have to let it out.

I also check out another favorite site, love, love Etsy!

And finally I visit ArtFire. I actually just learned of this site a few days ago and love it, too! that I feel relaxed and bits of inspiration have crept into my imagination I decide to log off the computer and just relax for a bit. I open my window blind, close my eyes, lean my head back and simply 'chill out'.

This is what I see and the idea strikes off I go... and this is what I create...

This is my picture of becoming 'unblocked'...letting the truth...MY TRUTH...come through:

I'm calling this one...

'Getting Out of My Own Way'

And this is what I find interesting...

I'm Catholic and at mass this weekend we celebrated Palm Sunday. A week from today Christians across the globe will be celebrating Easter Sunday. The rock will be removed from His tomb and we will learn of His resurrection.

Perhaps this painting is the same idea...when I removed my ego (the dark blue in the painting and/or the rock on Jesus' tomb) I saw the true light.

Hmmm...I find that very interesting! It actually kind of freaked me out for a moment, but hey...face the unknown, right? This was fun and I plan to 'let it all go' more often!

Talk soon,


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