Sunday, April 26, 2009

Handmade Craft Show

The Handmade Craft Show is an online virtual craft show displaying booths of talented artists, artisans, and crafters who are dedicated to creating handmade arts and crafts.

If you are a shopper interested in supporting the arts and crafts industry and you love handmade then this is the place for you. Similar to any traditional craft show you can attend at your leisure and stay as long as you'd like. Plus, there's no concern about the weather, hiring a sitter, dreadful parking issues and you don't have to lug around armfuls of shopping bags.

If you art an artist or crafter then you need to get over to the Handmade Craft Show immediately to rent a booth. It only cost pennies a day and the exposure is incredible. Top search engine rankings, literally thousands of visitors per month, and...get this...the Handmade Craft Show website was only launched 2 months ago!

Plus Rhonda Jai, the Handmade Craft Show's founder, is continually working very hard to bring in more and more targeted traffic to her site.

For more information click on over to the Handmade Craft Show website. Or you can check out the Handmade Craft Show Blog, too.

I'm heading over now to shop AND list my wares...hope to see you there!



Teresa said...

Hi, I found you through Handmade Craft Show. Love your blog.

tulle said...

I also found you through the show. Your blog is really great.

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