Sunday, February 08, 2009

CPSIA Information - Part 2

My point of view...

As the mother of three children, I am pleased to see that actions are taken to ensure our children’s safety when it comes to toys and clothing. However, while this law has good intentions it has some unintentional consequences.

As many of my valued customers already know I am the sole proprietor of my small online business. I create hand painted personalized room decorations for every age, with the majority of my items made to order for babies and children.

All of my room decorations--except the tote bags--are created using untreated pine wood which does not contain lead. (The tote bags are created of 100% cotton--which is also inherently lead-free.) To decorate each piece of wood I use non-toxic acrylic paints all of which are manufactured by companies in the USA. Each and every paint brand I use (Delta Ceramcoat, Apple Barrel, Folk Art, and Americana) has a seal of certification from the Art & Creative Materials Institute and conforms to the health requirements of the ASTM D4236. means these paints are non-toxic and completely safe.

I also varnish each item I create (except the tote bags). Most often my varnish of choice is Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac, but I also use Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear. Again...the manufactures of these brands test their products and as their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) detail neither of these products contain lead. Plus I recently purchased some beeswax polish which is made of all natural ingredients. If this beeswax polish works I may replace my other vanishes all together.

With all of this being said...according to the CPSIA, by law I would be required to have my products tested for lead. Noting the above lengthy explanation detailing every item I use to create each of my products and making note that none of the materials I use contains lead then my question is this...

Why is it necessary to retest my products for lead??

No lead + No lead =/= a product with lead!!

Perhaps you're wondering...'if you're so confident that your products don't contain lead then why not test them and prove they're safe?'

Okay, we'll take a look at that issue in my next post...

Until then,


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