Saturday, May 24, 2008

Worry - Illustration Friday

Okay...I really don't like this drawing, but I want to post something and this is all I could think of...

...I'm a mother and WORRY is my first, middle and last name. It defines me to the 'Nth' degree.

I worry constantly about everything...

...Am I doing the right thing for my children by working from home??? Maybe they are too spoiled with my attention and they won't have a sense of independence???

...Should I close the doors on my home business and go to work in the 'real' world??? Maybe I should show them what the majority of the world is doing???

...How will I get everything done on my daily list of things to do and still make sure they are happy???

...How will we pay for college??? It's not that far off!!

...How will I get to her softball game and his baseball game when they are both scheduled at the same time and the fields are 5 miles apart from each other???

...What about my 14 year old??? I am leaving him home alone for 3 hours a couple of nights a week so I can go to these ballgames...he has a I trust that he is home alone??? Is he sneaking things behind my back???

...Then there's a science test on will I find time to help my youngest son study for it???

...Math tests for all 3 kids this week!!! Will they be able to keep up their grades???

...My 12 year old daughter wants to wear make-up...all the other girls in her class wear it...why can't she???

...The shorts at the store are about 5 inches long--that's from the waist to the bottom of the shorts...I'm ready to fall over because I'm sure it covers NOTHING!!! And she shouts 'That's what everyone at school is wearing! You need to get into style, Mom!'

...and so on and so on and so on...

These few questions are only the tip of that ever present proverbial ice berg!!

I worry, worry, worry and I know by watching my mom and mother-in-law that the worry never ends. The day I found out I was pregnant with my first child--which was about 15 years ago--was the day the worrying started and it won't end until I'm 6 feet under or ashes in an urn at the mausoleum...

Such is the life of a mother!!

I'll be back later...I'm going to find a hole I can crawl into so I can figure out how I'm going to face the rest of my life!!



Forever Young said...

kids are either a pain in the neck or a pain in the heart! we mothers will have a special place in heaven!
btw i really like your illo.

Rrramone said...

Jane, you are showing through. :-) You are a good mother. My advice, worry less, love more. And it will all be good.

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