Saturday, May 31, 2008

'Baby' - Illustration Friday

The topic this week at Illustration Friday is 'Baby'.

Flooded with ideas because the majority of my work is for babies, toddlers and children I was overwhelmed and at first I didn't know what to choose for my drawing.

Then earlier today this image popped into my was fun to draw and it ended up looking a lot like my youngest child when he was a baby...a sweet faced chubby baby boy!

I should find a picture of him when he was an infant to compare the similarities.

Some days I find myself yearning for those days...that sweet baby smell, the baby soft skin and the absolute unconditional love! I miss it!!

Then...I wake up and come back to reality!! I realize that although I loved taking care of my three babies I'm glad I'm past that stage...babies and toddlers are way too much work for these '40 something' bones!!

See you next time!

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