Thursday, March 02, 2006

ABC's and Secrets

This list of the "ABC's and Secrets of a Beautiful Life" was written by my very close friend, Sue. She owns and operates a website called Designs by de'Maison -

Please read this and share it with your loved includes some wonderful advice and heartfelt thoughts! I love it!

The ABC’s and Secrets of a Beautiful Life

A ~ Always accept a compliment with grace and confidence.
B ~ Be Kind to all - even the not so kind
C ~ Choose wisely, choices define who you are
D ~ Don’t share nasty gossip, and silly stories
E ~ Energize - Bring a breath of Fresh air to the room
F ~ Friendship - Be a trusted friend
G ~ Generosity - you never know who you help
H ~ Hinder no one’s dreams, for people who don’t have dreams don’t have much
I ~ Inspire the best in people, then be inspired by them
J ~ Judge your achievements by what they cost you to get them
K ~ Keep fast to your dreams for as you dream you become
L ~ Listen to the voice inside you
M ~ Mention to your friend, every now and then, that she is beautiful
N ~ Never miss a chance to laugh - or to cry
O ~ Offer your hand of assistance to All who need it
P ~ Perfection does not exist, please don’t waste your life looking for it
Q ~ Quietly speak your message, yelling only hurts your throat
R ~ Release you inhibition
S ~ Share your story with your children
T ~ Treat yourself to ice cream, tiramisu, and chocolate once in a while
U ~ Understand being alone is ok
V ~ Vision, sometimes it isn’t what you see, but rather, what you feel
W ~ Wisdom - Remember the wisest person in the room is the one listening
X ~ eXpect to fall sometimes, even the best do
Y ~ Your beliefs are important, don’t lose them to conformity
Z ~ Zest for life - develop one

Does she have a talent for writing or what?!?! I keep telling her to write and share more of her work--I'm glad to see she is listening! ;)

Until next time,

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