Saturday, August 28, 2004


Good evening,

I wrote the following thoughts about 'hope' a few months ago when I was reading The Artist's Way. At the time I was faithfully writing in my morning pages every single day. I don't write in my morning pages with such fervor lately, but I recently went back and reread my writings. I was impressed with what I had to say and came across quite a few good thoughts that I decided to hold onto and maybe share someday. I also decided to try to work on journaling more often since it is so cathartic. Here are my thoughts on hope...


Hope...she is my dear friend.
Hope...what is she about? Let me think about this for a moment...I know she's got so much going for her. She's everywhere...see:

Hope springs eternal.

Don't give up hope!

I hope everything works out!

Gosh! She is so positive isn't she??? She is always there to boost you along. She's the one friend we all have. It's just that some people...many people...refuse to open up and let her into their lives. I can't imagine giving up my friendship with her.

Hope...she is so awesome! She was there when my dad died. Even at that bad, terrible and sad time she was there helping me to see that dad was in a better place. His physical body couldn't function anymore so it had to end it's time. But his spirit is still here. She helped me to see that. I said she is probably a better friend than any! I know I couldn't live without hope!

She's REAL! Focus on Hope! Know that as long as she is in your life you will not fail and you will keep on keeping on!

Then today I was looking through one of my Gooseberry Patch mail order catalogues and found this quote:

"We must always have old memories and young hopes." - Arsene Houssaye

Reading that quote reminded me about my thoughts on "Hope" so I decided to share them in my blog. I hope you appreciate my point.

And to go along with my meanderings on hope I have to say that today I am feeling very hopeful. I was in a very creative mood and designed and painted a lot of new items that I hope (hmm...there's that word again) to add to my product line very soon. I'll defintitely keep ya'll posted!

I'll be blogging again very soon! Until then...take care!

Jane - A Painting Mom

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