Thursday, August 26, 2004

The First Day

Today is the first day of school for all 3 of my kids. This "First Day" is different is the first day of school that will last all day for my youngest child. Up until now he has only been in school for 1/2 days.

So I am experiencing my "First Day" too. I am a bit lost not knowing what to do with my free time. Oh yes! I can certainly find things to do to keep busy!! Being a work-at-home-mom for the past 4 years I have tons of things that I should get to today...but will I?? I don't know. I kind of feel like taking a break from it all. I have been dealing with the balancing act for a long time and it's not easy when you have kids at home and you are trying to get work done.

So for now the house is quiet...except for the music. I have the satellite set to the '70's songbook' channel. I love it! It brings back so many happy memories from my childhood. I just hope that 30 years from now my kids will get these same warm, fuzzy feelings when they hear songs from this era. I hope I've done my job well. I've certainly tried!

For now I will leave with a quote I stumbled upon this's quite appropriate for me today...

"Separation anxiety happens to babies at nine months; to mothers their whole lives."

Yes!! I believe this quote perfectly describes my situation today!

Jane - A Painting Mom

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