Friday, March 01, 2013

"Shortcut to Prosperity"

I recently read a book called 'Shortcut to Prosperity - 10 Entrepreneurial Habits and a Roadmap For an Exceptional Career' by Mark Hopkins.

I began reading this book from the perspective of a small business owner. Since the subtitle has the words 'entrepreneurial habits' I made a general assumption. While I believed that it was written for business owners and business creators I soon realized this book was not intended solely for's completely appropriate for anyone who wants to live a prosperous life.

The author shares his idea of the Prosperity Cycle. He explains that just making a simple start can help you become motivated and set you on the path to reach your goals. He also includes a variety of exercises that assist the reader with finding his or her passion as well as figuring out what propserity means to each of us. As you can imagine every one has a different opinion about what prosperity means. Some may define prosperity as being financially secure. That's certainly one of the first thoughts that comes to mind for me. But the author explains that you have to look at the cost of being financially secure. If you want a fat wallet and an over flowing bank account you will likely have to give up something very important in order to get those things. Think about it...what would you be willing to give up to have the amount of money you desire? Some may think, "I'll gladly work longer hours and take on more responsibility at my job if it means more money for my family." But you have to realize that in return you will have less family time. Less time relaxing. Less time enjoying your hobbies..your life. The author explains this mentality by sharing his own life experiences.

Of all the shortcuts explained in this book my favorite is the explaination for the need to develop your personal vision and the creative tension exercise. This is the part that I feel can be useful for anyone! His explanation of the need to access your reality as it is right now versus where you want to be in the future is so important. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and that can hurt. But it's so important for you to know exactly where you are--right here, right now--before you can figure out how to get to where you dream to be.

In my opinion this book would be a must read for high school and college students. I have 3 teenagers and having a tool like this to share with them is so valuable. The habits and lessons detailed in this book are something every student needs to learn about and understand. The clear explanations of his common sense tools such as "have a good attitude", "how to recognize an attractive opportunity versus when to walk away", "pay attention to, learn from and surround yourself with successful people" are useful easy to understand.

This book has loads of good advice and details about how to build healthy habits that will set yourself up for success and prosperity. It's definitely on my list of 'must reads'!

Okay...I have a busy day ahead...more sharing on the way...until then,

Disclosure: In exchange for an honest review this blog owner was given a free copy of the book.

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