Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recent work photos...

Just stopping in for a few minutes to share some photos of my recent work.

Well, a couple of these name signs have been in my 'photos file' for a while and I just came across them again and wanted to share.

First let me say that I paint frog themed name signs all the time, but I still wanted to share that one...I LOVE to paint frogs. Or any animal actually! Frogs, turtles and giraffes are my favorites! I honestly don't know why...maybe I should research the meaning behind my passion for painting those particular creatures.

As for the rest of the designs I shared them because I don't paint those themes very often...such as the musical instruments and bikes. When I have to paint something that isn't a typical theme I tend to get nervous...I always worry that the designs won't turn out well. Sometimes I can get it and sometimes I feel like I didn't even come close to what the customer might want.

But in the news is good news. If the customer doesn't complain then I take it as a message that I got it right.

Okay, gotta run now...more sharing on the way. Take care until then,

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