Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spa Massage and Pedicures

A few years ago my husband talked about taking a cross-country trip. He wanted to get in the car and go out west. At the time I wasn't interested but now a few years later the idea sounds rather inviting. I'm not sure where we would end up but Montana sounds absolutely gorgeous. And a friend of mine lived in Wyoming several years ago and she loved it out there. And I recently read a book with the setting in Colorado and the author made the thought of making a trip out there even more appealing.

I could be wrong, but Colorado sounds like it's a haven for those that live the 'crunchy' lifestyle. I would never describe myself as being the 'crunchy' type but I certainly appreciate that way of thinking and I would be open to giving it a least in moderation. Plus I'm sure my husband--a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist which is similar to a massage therapist--would enjoy being in the company of similar minded folks. And I couldn't help but wonder, "What if we really like it out there? Could we end up living out there?"

So my research began. In mapping out our route I made sure to find a few reputable spa massage locations for my relaxation as well as for possible future employment for my husband. In one of the few areas we would visit I learned of a spa--Athena Salon and Spa--that uses natural and organic products that assists in beauty as well as your overall health. Their treatments are all sustainable, green and there's the crunchy theme that I spoke of earlier.

At Athena if you want spa services you can get a spa massage that will help you to relax, to rejuvenate and reduce stress. Or how about getting a facial, a spray tan or have some unwanted hair removed? Or get a whole spa sounds tempting!

Over in the salon they offer hair and make-up services and manicures and pedicures. And I was somewhat surprised to see that their prices were very reasonable. I was always under the impression that the cost of living out there was pretty high. But their prices don't reflect that. I love, love, love to get pedicures so that's a plus for me!

After learning about this spa and salon as well as the other hot spots in that neck of the woods I marked this territory down on our list of places to stop and visit. Taking a long road trip like this would have to involve some down time to relax. A spa massage and getting pedicures would be a must after riding in the car for days at a time.

So I am keeping all of this info in my little planner for when we take that road trip. As I said, at first I wasn't crazy about the idea. But now that my kids are getting older and I learn more about how beautiful it is out west this cross-country trip might happen much sooner than I ever thought it would.

Okay...I have to get back to work now but I'll be sharing more very soon. Until then,

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