Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Comparison shopping...again!

Yes, this frugal mom was at it again. My oldest son will be graduating at the end of this week. But a few months back was the beginning of his last season of Track and Field. I'm happy that my kids partake in a variety of extra curricular activities as these outside interests definitely payoff in many ways with the biggest benefit being the friendships they make. But I must say that the expenses for these activities can be hard on the wallet. I am always on the look out for bargains since they are still growing and I hate to spend big bucks on items that they are only going to be using for a short time.

At the beginning of track season I did a quick search online for cheap track spikes and found a large variety of shoes from which to choose. We found Nike brand, Adidas, Asics and more all in a variety of designs and colors. My kids can be picky but we managed to zero in on a couple different styles. Thank heavens!

In the past my daughter has talked about trying out for volleyball. So far she has changed her mind every time she throws that subject around. But just in case she happens to become more serious around try outs I decided to do a search for cheap volleyball shoes. Once again I found a nice variety from which to pick.

My youngest son has always been a big baseball player. He loves, loves, loves baseball. And we love to go to his games and watch him. But we live in Pennsylvania. In the winter he can't play baseball because it's too cold. So last year he mentioned wrestling. Wow! I was shocked. Where did that come from? No one in my family--from my brothers to my brothers-in-law to my husband--has ever been on a wrestling team. I hoped against hope that he would change his mind since I know nothing about the sport. But just in case I got myself prepared and did a search for cheap wrestling shoes. Again I was not disappointed and found a large variety of styles, colors and sizes.

However, as I suspected, my son decided against wrestling. I was grateful that I had one less obligation on my long 'To Do' list. But, just as in the past, a few days later I was yanked off the path of 'getting my life in order' when he announced he wanted to play basketball!

And there I was with my head spinning once again!

Oh well...I should have guessed he'd throw that loop at me! It's all a part of being a parent!

More fun to come...until then,

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