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Have you ever heard of a Quinceañera? A Quinceañera is the Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl's transition to womanhood on her 15th birthday. I learned of this ceremony a few years ago when my son was dating a girl whose father was from Mexico. It always sounded like such a lovely way to celebrate a young girl's coming of age!

While most Quinceañera celebrations may vary the core of each is traditionally the same. Most celebrations will begin with a mass service where the Quinceañera will be accompanied by her court of honor which usually includes her family members and close friends. After the religious ceremony a reception will be held which includes food, music and a choreographed dance which will be performed by the Quinceañera along with her court.

Prior to this special day however there are many details to be considered. Of course there's the beautiful daughter would love that part...which is traditionally white or pale pink. And every Quinceañera wears a headpiece during the mass which is exchanged with a tiara or crown (more heaven for my daughter!). The tiara can have the number '15' embellished upon it to signify this important birthday. Also a bracelet or ring can be worn to represent the unending circle of life. Earrings are worn as a reminder for the young Quincenera to listen to and obey God. And a cross will display her deep devotion to God.

For the reception a location must be decided upon if you choose to not have it at your home. And of course you have to decide upon the food and drink. Also, who will be invited? How many family members and friends will be joining in on this special day?  A necessity in your planning of this important event needs to have proper Quinceanera Invitations. There are so many invitation styles from which to pick. They are all gorgeous! Along with getting the dress and the jewelry this would be a fun part of the planning for my daughter!

If you have been invited to a Quinceañera you will need to decide upon a gift. While the child's Godparents are chosen by the parents to present gifts to the Quinceañera other guests are welcome to bring gifts as well. Some gifts may include a bible and rosary which when blessed by the priest will make the gift so much more special. A Quinceañera doll is a special gift as well. Or if you aren't quite sure you can always give a gift that most teen girls would appreciate. Just be sure they are appropriate and tasteful. Whatever gift you decide make sure to wrap the special gift with some personalized birthday wrapping paper! What a unique last minute touch to this special celebration!

While a Quinceañera has Latin roots many Hispanic families today are merging their heritages by choosing to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen. The Sweet Sixteen celebration includes the Quinceañera traditions such as the mass, the reception, the tiara adorned with the number '16', and more. It's a very personal celebration so families should feel free to select the customs that have special meaning to them. A Quinceañera is an important day so go ahead and make your celebration unique for that special young lady in your life!

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