Thursday, April 12, 2012

I painted this sign a few years ago...

I painted this sign for a customer a few years ago and always liked it. I stumbled upon it in my photos recently and thought...

How fitting! Except for my family it should say ' season'!"

My youngest son plays baseball and loves it and our world does kind of revolve around his season. We all go to watch his games and have lots of fun with our family friends whose boys play as well.

But come late summer and early fall football takes over our house! The 'men' get the TV for days at a time and they watch just about every game, every recap for every game and many times they watch the recaps more than once! They even watch reruns of past games which drives me crazy. Don't you already know who wins??? Geez!

They also watch the draft which, I'll admit, can be exciting if you are a fan of one of the draftees. But what used to drive me the craziest was when they watched the combines. You've got to be kidding! I get that the combines are important for when the teams are looking for the up and coming rookies, but does the general public have to be involved??? I always said, and still believe, that the NFL network (amongst many others) only contributes to the world's OCD problem! Who needs to know every single detail about every single player??? I don't really care how fast they can run the 100 Yard dash!

Thankfully for our family the combines are pretty much history because we switched to cable and no longer have the NFL network. Hallelujah!

I'm complaining, but I have to laugh because I know a lot about many of the football players because it's all the men in our house talk about. They have football on the brain all year long!

I can only hope that maybe this abundance of football knowledge will pay off for my oldest son someday soon. He is a fanatic and can rattle of statistics for just about any player in the NFL. It's really kind of insane yet fascinating! He starts college in the fall and he has a very strong and clear voice so we've always told him he should get into sports reporting. He plans to work at the campus radio station when school starts so we'll see where this all leads him. You never know, right?

Meanwhile back to the photo of the sign I shared...I decided to post it because for the next several months we will be eating drinking and sleeping baseball, too!

Okay...more sharing on the way..until then,

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