Friday, April 06, 2012

Catching up...

It's been a while since I've posted some of my own artwork so I thought I'd pop in here for a quick update on my work and my life.

I recently created this painting for a close family friend. She's a teenager and as we all know teenagers have so much garbage and muck to muddle through...especially girls! And I add the part about girls because I have two sons and one daughter so I know from experience. Girls are so much more emotional and sensitive where boys just ignore anyone who is being a jerk to them. Oh the stories I could share!

Anyways...back to my painting...I heard the quote before and when my good friend asked me to paint it for her daughter I was thrilled! I got an image in my head right away with what I wanted to paint.

Meanwhile, things on the home front have been so busy. To update my weight loss...I'm down 11 pounds now! Woohoo! So happy about that! I just hope I can keep it up. I continue to go to the gym about 4-5 days a week now. Plus my daughter and I walk in our local park when it's warm enough and when I can fit  a walk into my schedule.

My oldest son is graduating this year so we are gearing up for a busy couple of months. He runs track so we have lots of track meets to attend over the next several weeks.

My daughter was a the lead in our high school's spring musical. Then a week after the musical was over on a whim she auditioned for our local symphony's Rising Stars competition. She was chosen to move on and compete on the next level. On March 24th she performed a solo on stage and was chosen to move on to the next and final level of the competition! That takes place on April 14th. I'm so amazed and proud of her courage to get up and sing in front of a large crowd! I honestly don't know where she gets it!

Then our youngest son plays baseball so we're getting busy with that as well. So far they've had two scrimmages and opening day is next week.

Needless to say the next few months will be insanely busy! I hope I can keep up with posting! I miss my blog when I'm away!

More to come soon...until then,

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