Friday, March 30, 2012

"Too Far Under"

I recently finished reading a very interesting mystery called
"Too Far Under" by Lynn Osterkamp.

If you're like me and you are intrigued by anything paranormal then you are sure to enjoy this book.

Grief therapist, Cleo Simms, is extremely reluctant to get involved with the children of Mirabel Townes, a wealthy heiress who unexpectedly drowns in her hot tub. Mirabel's death has been ruled as accidental by the police her daughters, Lacey and Angelica, have strong opinions otherwise.

While Cleo is a grief therapist she also has an unusual ability to talk to the dead. A surfer dude spirit named Tyler who visits Cleo quite often in her dreams and, through vague conversations, pressures her to help these desperate girls. Along with this supernatural ability Cleo also helps others contact their deceased loved ones through her 'Contact Project'. The Townes' girls are bound and determined to find a way to contact their deceased mother and they continually hound Cleo to help them.

Family drama is laced throughout the story not only for the family members of Mirabel, but for Cleo as well. Cleo's grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's and gets the sad news that the nursing home where her grandmother lives will be sold. Cleo is desperate to find a new and suitable place for her grandmother to live. Being that my mom suffered from Alzheimer's I felt deep empathy for what Cleo was going through.

Every character in the story adds to the drama and throughout the book I could not figure out 'who did it'! The author had me guessing until the end. I have a fascination with other people's abilities to communicate with the dead. This genre coupled with Cleo's personal drama of helping her ailing grandmother kept my interest throughout the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a simple and quick read which is suitable for a busy mom like me. Next I plan to read Lynn Osterkamp's other book in this series!

More fun to come! Until then,

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