Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Educational Toys For Kids

I have a 7 year old nephew who lives out of town. We see him a couple times each year when my brother comes back home to visit. They are trying to work things out so they can be home this coming holiday season. My fingers are crossed that they can get here.

Regardless of what happens, I have to get something for my nephew and I've been trying to come up with something special for him. He is an only child and pretty much has everything a kid could want! Plus, sadly, just before his 6th birthday his mother passed away very suddenly. It was a terrible tragedy. Because of that I think my brother over-indulges him with 'things' hoping to help ease his pain. But that's his way of coping and it's not for me to judge...definitely another story for another day.

Along with him being an only child he is also super-duper smart so I am always on the look out for educational toys for kids because of his high level of intelligence. He loves, loves, loves, Legos and puzzles. We went out to visit them a couple of years ago and as a parting gift he had created for each of us a little Lego car. I still have that little car sitting on my desk.

He also loves cars and trucks and trains, but I think he's getting to the age when he might be more interested in remote controlled vehicles. And last summer when they were visiting I noticed how he had fun playing with my son's electric guitar, so I'd say he has an interest in music, too. And I just remembered he's a fanatic about computer games.

Oh geez! Decisions! Decisions! I have no idea what I'm going to get him! I'm going to browse and search for as many educational toys for kids that I can find. Maybe I'll find something extra unique. My plan is to get him to realize that I'm the coolest aunt he has!

Yeah! Right! Tell that to my two sisters and we'll be in competition with each other!

Okay...I've been running around and I have some more errands to run then I have lots of work to do. More interesting conversation on the way...until then,

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Linda Lewis at Creative Artworks! said...

Just an idea - we saw some remote controlled vehicles of all types that you make from legos....
Have a wonderful Christmas, Jane.

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