Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Girls Pajamas from Aeropostal

   I'm spending a little bit of my free time this evening reving myself up for all the holiday shopping that has to be done soon. My daughter's birthday is right before Christmas so I not only have to do lots of holiday shopping for the entire family, but I also have to get birthday gifts for her at the same time.

   But thankfully she's a girl!! Which translates to...she is SUPER EASY to shop for!

   Not that she really *NEEDS* a thing...we just went school shopping a few weeks ago! But I will admit that her pajamas are looking pretty worn. I don't think I've gotten her any since last Christmas. All summer she only slept in t-shirts and shorts.

   Meanwhile, as I was doing some online shopping I happened upon these darling girls pajamas and I think the styles are right up her alley. They have colorful tanks, camis and t-shirts which are perfect for her. She is so unlike me and she wears tank tops in the winter! Me? I wear heavy fleece pajamas because I am always freezing cold.

   And the flannel pants or the fleece pants would be great to go with these tops. And I've taken a fancy to the holiday themed pants! How cute are they?!?! But knowing my daughter she'd probably prefer the plain colored pants. Usually if I like something it ends up that she doesn't. It's that teen attitude that comes into play when we shop. But then again, the little flannel dorm boxers might be more in line with her taste. Plus...as I said...she's never cold like me!

   Decisions! Decisions!

   Okay...I'm going to get going so I can focus and take more time to look over this large selection of girls pajamas and maybe even more of the other clothes on their site. I bought my son a couple pair of jeans from Aeropostal last year and he wears them all the time. And the best part...the price was great! Lots to think about!

   Have a great evening! More fun on the way tomorrow...until then,

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