Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Feeling nostalgic...

My two younger kids got their school pictures taken a few weeks ago. (My oldest son is a senior so we had his pictures taken by a local professional photographer.) Today my daughter brought her school pictures home.

Every year when I get the kids' school pictures I just stick the most current photo in the same frame on top of all the past years' photos.
But first...

I have to go through a little 'ritual'.

I take all of their pictures out of the frame, line them up side by side and sit in awe and amazement at how  much they've grown and how fast the years have gone by.
Tonight I had my daughter's pictures all lined up. I have 28 of them. (No my daughter hasn't been in school for 28 years! LOL! They get school pictures taken twice a year now plus I had photos taken in preschool and even before they started school.)

With all of these pictures in front of me I got very emotional and teared up. All of these thoughts rushed through my mind...
  • My oldest son is getting ready for college next year. He is adamant that he is going to live on campus and not live at home.
  • My daughter is 15 years old...about to turn 16. Driving is just around the corner!!
  • My baby--my youngest son--is only 13 years old and he is already 5'11' and towering over me!!
What??? What the??? What is going on??? This is how I still see them:

Where, oh, where has the time gone???

Honestly, I can't complain. They are terrific kids and I am blessed beyond words! I just feel sad every once in awhile because so much has changed in our lives in the past year. And from where I am standing it's only going to change even more!

Ay Yi Yi Yi Yi...

Okay, Jane! No more self pity!

It's only the very beginning of my day and I can't start things off with a negative attitude. I have to pull myself together make it a point to be grateful for all I have!

I have to put my positive self talk to work...

"Today is a great day...today is a great day...today is a great day..."

I'll just keep saying it until it becomes a reality!!

More on the way! Until then,

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