Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'The Shack'

I started reading 'The Shack' by William P. Young a few days ago. I'm a bit late in the game and I'm sure many of you have already read it. But my life's been so crazy the last few years and having time to relax and read is, at times, nearly impossible.

But so far I like this book and I 'get' it.

Here's a quote that I bookmarked so I could share it...

"Honey, there's no easy answer that will take your pain away. Believe me, if I had one, I'd use it now. I have no magic wand to wave over you and make it all better. Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship."

I'm sure everyone on this planet has wished for...at least once in his or her life...magic powers or a magic wand that would quickly take their pain away.

I have a few more things to share from this book, but not enough time today...busy, busy, busy!

More on the way...until then,

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