Thursday, February 04, 2010


Did you know??? I make clocks!! So fun! Here are a few samples:

These were customized for a great customer who lives in Greece!

Here's another one of my's such a simple design...I LOVE spirals...don't know why. Plus I love the colors:

Matter of fact...this clock was made with a matching growth chart:

Every so often I get a moment to look over the photos of some of the things I created recently. Like most of us I feel like a hamster on a wheel...busy working and taking care of my family and constantly in motion. Naturally I tend to forget what I did yesterday let alone what I did 6 months ago! So these are just a few of the things I made recently that I forgot about but stumbled upon in my photos...I'm happy with how they turned out so I decided to share them.

Enjoy! More fun stuff on the way...until then,

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