Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Handmade Artists Forum

The Handmade Artists Forum has started a new shop for the members to sell their creations, and it is growing quickly.

Here's a link to the new shop:
Handmade Artist's Shop

To be able to sell your handmade creations in the shop you have to be a member of The Handmade Artists Forum. If you aren't a member of the forum it's easy to join...the only requirement is you have to love handmade!

To join the new Handmade Artist's Shop you need to be a paid subscriber on the forum and that's it. But don't fret when you hear the word 'paid subscriber'...the subscription costs only $5.00 a month and no more! There is no charge for commissions or listing fees or anything else! You can't go wrong!

So what are you waiting for??? Click the links above and get on over there and see the new shop. And don't forget to pay a visit to the forum...the members are fabulous and so supportive. If you sell handmade items there are a number of opportunities to get involved and promote your work. Or if you simply love handmade items then take a look at the beautiful items for sale in the shop.

I know you'll love it!

More good stuff to share so I'll be posting soon...until then,

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