Monday, January 04, 2010

HAFTeam Spreading the LOVE

I'm a member of the Handmade Artist's Forum and a few months back I joined the Handmade Artist's Forum Etsy Street Team.

The members of the HAF Etsy Street Team work together to promote each others Etsy shops in a variety of ways.

One promotional opportunity that I take part in as often as possible is the 'Spread the Love' campaign.

Everyday one HAF Etsy Street Team member's shop is chosen and we join in and 'Spread the Love'. This is how it works:

-The shop of the day is posted on the forum.
-Other team members visit the shop of the day and 'heart' it.
-We also choose one favorite item in that particular shop and post it on the forum.
-Plus we can share our favorite item on the Etsy forum.
-I like to post my favorite item to Twitter.
-I also plan to (hope to) start posting my favorite item on my blog...daily.*fingers crossed*
-Many others have Facebook Fan pages and post there favorites over there.

Bottom line...there are many ways we can promote each others shops.

So now that I explained what the 'Spread the Love' campaign is all about here I go...spreadin' the love!

Featured shop for Monday, January 4, 2010:

And here's my favorite item in her shop:

Glass and Leather Necklace/OOAK

So pretty!! Make sure to check out her other beautiful work, too!

I'll be posting and spreading more love soon so stay tuned...until then,


jewelry by NaLa said...

Great article about a great Etsy team!

Artistry-Jewelry-Studios said...

So sweet of you Jane! Thank-you so much! Aprilee

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