Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Questioning your work???

Do you ever question your work??? I know I question my work constantly!!! I am I making an impact on the world??? I know with being a mom...YES...I am making an impact. But what about my day-to-day work of creating artwork. I often wonder if I make a difference.

I was just reading some comments on Twitter and came across this...

The most important question to ask about any work is "how does this serve the world?” ~ Marianne Williamson

Sometimes I think my work is unimportant. The dark side of me says that my hard work is not making a difference and it doesn't serve a purpose in the world...whatsoever!

Then my alter-ego...the light side of me...the side I should listen to much more often than I do...says 'damn it'!! I most certainly DO make a difference!! I add
more to the world with my art. Face it...the world is full of harshness and negativity. I can only hope and pray that my artwork makes some one's world a little bit prettier...a little bit brighter!

Just today I had a repeat customer contact me about doing a house portrait for her friend. She said I created a house sketch for her husband last year which hangs in his office. She said when people come in they comment on it all the time. That made me feel *good*.

So maybe my work does make a least for a handful of people in many different little corners of the world.

Just my thoughts...what about you?

More thoughts to be shared soon...until then,

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