Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Little LOVE after the rain??? Hmmm...

Late this afternoon and early evening it rained for a while...nothing heavy...just on and off light rain. Then it stopped and now it's just muggy and sort of humid.

As I was walking past the back door I just happened to glance over and I noticed this on our old Adirondack chair that sits out on the deck...thought it was very interesting...

If you can't see anything then try'll see a heart shape. That was the only dry spot on the chair.

See it??? Neat, huh??? Makes me wonder who was sitting there keeping it dry for me...maybe someone who loved this little old house and yard the way we do!

Anyways...just thought that was...well...I don't know...something to take note of and share with everyone!

Hope you like!

Talk soon...until then,


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