Saturday, October 04, 2008

Please...your support is needed!!!

I recently started networking online with a wonderful community of self employed parents called Our Milk Money.

Through this community I met a self-employed mother, Tiffani, whose little boy, Eamon, was recently diagnosed with mild autism just at the base of the spectrum.

By way of her blog Tiffani shares her experiences and other beneficial information relating to autism and the various therapies for Eamon.

As well as dealing with the everyday responsibilities of taking care of a busy family Tiffani keeps busy trying to find creative ways to raise funds for Eamon's therapy.

Her latest fundraiser is a fantastic compilation of 50 yummy pumpkin recipes for you and your family to enjoy. This Pumpkin Recipe Book comes in the form of a down loadable eBook and costs only $'s only $1.00!!

The button is only $1 and then download the eBook! You won't be disappointed! And it's perfect for this time of year!

Please consider this's only $1.00 and ALL proceeds directly benefit Eamon's Therapy!


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