Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Do you journal? Do you keep a diary of any sort?

I have been on this path of self discovery for a long time and only began journaling a few months ago. I was faithful about journaling everyday and then stopped. WHY??? I don't know!! I kept my journal and didn't read any entries for about 2 months. Then I went back and reread my thoughts and was absolutely amazed at how interesting and profound some of my thoughts were.

I haven't written anything in my journal for about a month now. I miss it! I need to get back to it. Maybe if I pick it up and read my thoughts it will motivate me to write more.

Meanwhile I have to share this wonderful website that I stumbled upon this morning:


This website will help to awaken and open your mind about the creative spirit that lives inside of you.

Here's a direct link to her page about journaling:


If you've ever considered journaling, or even if you haven't, browsing and reading through this website will make you wish you did! I love the idea of the collage journals! I bought a sketch pad a few months ago with the hopes of taking time at least once every week to try and sketch whatever comes to my mind. Well I haven't used it yet, but now I am motivated! I am going to make it a point today to get it out and not only sketch in it, but add my own creative ideas using collage, writings and ramblings about my days and thoughts, etc! It sounds alot more fun than just simply writing!

I just HAD to share my new found discovery with you. I hope it helps you find your way or at least keep you on track of forging your own creative path! I'm going back to reading a bit more inspiration from Tera's before the kids wake up! This is wonderful!!

Jane - A Painting Mom

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