Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watermelon anyone??

We recently had to cut down a very large tree in our back yard. I was really bothered by this decision, but we really didn't have a choice. There was a huge branch on the tree that began to split over the past couple of years and we constantly worried that a bad storm could easily blow it down and our beloved deck would be smashed and power lines would be pulled. Look how bad it was getting...

It was definitely something that needed to be addressed. I felt so bad because it was a very old tree and I felt it had witnessed so many generations of families living on our property. Man, how I'd love to talk to that tree and listen to it's stories!

Meanwhile, we made the decision to have the tree cut down and within 3 hours it was gone. What took Mother Nature nearly 100 years to grow someone came and cut it down in less that 3 hours! It was a sad moment for me.

But...there has been one small silver lining...

We kept lots of the wood from the tree to use for our summer and fall bonfires. My husband spent lots of time cutting up the large branches while the kids and I moved the cut pieces to the back part of our yard.

At one point I noticed that my husband cut a couple pieces of the branches into wedge shapes. I help them up and immediately exclaimed, "These can be painted like watermelon slices!"

Lo and behold the other day I went out to the wood pile and grabbed these pieces and did my thing...and voila!

These are pretty big and I'll most likely keep them for my deck. But we have a variety of smaller branches that I plan to cut into similar shapes and then paint them similarly. When I'm done I'll add them to my website! Yay!

Okay...more interesting things on the way...until then,

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