Friday, November 02, 2012

Gold and Silver Fever

The men in my family are fans of those reality TV shows that chronicle a group of men spending thousands upon thousands of dollars digging for gold. I have to say that every once in a while I sit down and watch these shows with them. While I find the idea of digging for gold in these freezing cold climates insane, I have to admit that some of the men are true characters and I find their stories intriguing.

However, as I sit and offer my point of view calling these men crazy, in actuality this dream of moving heaven and earth to find gold is not a new concept. People have been digging, hoping and dreaming of finding their own pot of gold for centuries.

Recently I came across this interesting graphic that breaks down how people have digging for gold and silver, too, over thousands of years.

Gold and Silver Fever |
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In reading the facts listed in this graphic I learned some interesting information:

-- I didn't realize that at one point silver was considered more valuable than gold.
-- While I did know that some of our country's most prosperous cities grew out of the gold rush I didn't realize how quickly they grew. At the start of the gold rush San Fransico had only 200 permanent citizens. However, in only six years that number grew to 36,000! Now that remarkable!
-- Silver is making a big comeback. I did know about this fact. I have a friend who, a few months back, needed cash rather quickly. She took some old silverware that she had wrapped up in her attic to the local jeweler. Thinking she only had a couple hundred dollars worth of silver she quickly learned that in reality she had over $1200.00! Now that's pretty cool and a nice surprise!

I found this infographic interesting and I'm sure if you take some time to read it you'll learn some new facts, too!

More interesting things to come...until then,

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