Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I recently discovered a fun and whimsical crafting blog and as I scrolled through their many projects I got very excited and immediately thought that I have to share this site with my readers. Over at The Ribbon Retreat Blog they offer tons of tutorials which include detailed instructions on how to make a variety of items using ribbons, fabrics and many other crafting supplies and tools.

I was simply delighted by many of the project ideas they share and the fact that they list step-by-step written instructions along with photos instantly enraptured my crafty soul. Most of the tutorials are, as I just described, shown with photos and written instructions. But they also have video tutorials as well one of which features a card making kit . What a clever idea! And the tutorial narrator was so happy and her happiness was contagious!
They share in a few simple steps how to make some really fun items like ribbon flip flops, hair bows for little girls and babies, car seat belt covers, aprons and so much more! They even had a tutorial on how to make a ribbon organizer. Here's my ribbon stash:

Do you think maybe--just maybe--I should make one for myself??? I'm thinking "Yes!"

Okay, I'm rambling here...let me get back to these awesome crafting tutorials!

One thing I thought I'd better warn you about is that some of the projects include the use of a sewing machine. Now to some of you that's not a big deal, but to someone like me it is. Sure, I can sew on a button, patches and maybe try to hem some pants. But using a sewing machine is another story. I have--or should say 'had'--a sewing machine a few years ago. I tried to use it and just couldn't figure it out. Darn!! Then I lent it to my niece to use for a school project. Then she gave it to my mom and eventually it ended up at my sister's house. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've considered learning to sew, but time never seems to be on my side. Maybe someday.

Thankfully The Ribbon Retreat Blog has many tutorials that do not require the use of a sewing machine so I can still give many of the projects a try. If you are a crafty person and you like to try your hand at fun and whimsical craft projects then this is exactly the place to go!

More fun to come...until then,

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nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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