Sunday, May 20, 2012

Online Coupons for Frugal Folks Like Us

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "My husband and I are a couple of tight wads!" Some people will find that irritating, but many will have a bit of respect for us. We've managed for the past several years to survive on a tight budget and the only way we've been able to do that is through frugal living.

With that being said I want to share my thoughts on online coupons, where to look for them and how we've fared with them in the past.

Best Online Coupons has a huge variety of online coupons shared on their site and I'm confident you'll find some of your favorite stores listed there. I see Macy's, Old Navy, QVC, Dell, 6pm, Target, Best Buy and Dicks Sporting Goods just to rattle off a few. They offer newly released online coupons, expiring online coupons and a variety of hot online coupons. And what makes it so easy is you can see the online coupon code right there along with the expiration date. I added that site to my Favorites right after I discovered it!

And how about travel coupons? Over the past few years my husband and I saddened our children by announcing that we weren't able to take a family vacation because money was too tight. However, by mid summer we seemed to have a change of heart only because we were able to find some pretty good travel deals. If you are like us in that manner of thinking then check out this link--Expedia coupon code 2012. You find a large number of discounts offered on airfare, hotels, car rentals and more. In a brief scan of the page I see lots of 'last minute' deals which are right up my husbands alley! I saw one for Las Vegas and got a bit excited. We went there two times many years ago before our kids were born and we always talk about going back. Now that the kids are growing up and becoming more independent I would definitely feel more at ease leaving them at home with my sister or mother-in-law.

Over at it's unreal the online coupons and coupon codes you'll find to help save a few bucks. Regarding travel they also have a large variety of links and I saw quite a few listed that we've used in the past. Their Expedia coupons range from Disneyland Resorts and Maui Hotels to car rentals. Right from your computer you could check out a vacation package and book it, Then click back and book your car rental! Or if you like to take cruises they have cruise packages as well.

Another list of Expedia coupons includes offers for destinations such as Galveston Island, Los Angeles and a few more deals for Las Vegas! Woo! I'm really going to have to take a look at these offers. My sister just got back from Vegas last week and hearing her talk about her trip and share her stories really has me ready to get back there.

I'll be sure to share my decision with you soon. Although I'm drooling over the thought of a trip to Vegas for just my husband and I, I have a feeling we'll be doing our regular family vacation this summer. I've shared with you that my oldest son is heading to college in the fall and the thought of taking a vacation with out my kids at this major life turning point doesn't seem likely. But who knows? Maybe we'll take two vacations! With all the deals I'm finding we might be able to swing it!

Okay, more sharing on the way soon...until then,


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