Sunday, November 13, 2011

Window "Pain"

Like Eminem sings,

"Maybe that's why they call it window pain..."

I have a fairly large picture window in my living room. Every morning as I sit and drink my coffee I look at my window curtains and think about how I need to replace them. But everyday as usual I get moving through my day and that priority gets put on the back burner.

This morning was no different, but since it was Sunday and we didn't have to rush out the door super early I had some time. I made it a priority to look online for some new curtains.

First of all we live on a pretty busy street so I need sheer panels because I don't like the feeling of people seeing clearly into our windows all day long. And on top of the sheer panels I need to get a nicer heavier set of window curtains--usually light blocking panels-- for the same reason. We live on a busy street and at night time with our living room lamps turned on it's very easy to see through the sheer panels.

So I know what I need to look for. Now I have to figure the colors. I have some pretty neutral earthy colors throughout my living room therefore I need to stick with that color scheme...sage green, brown, deep red, yellows, a touch of blue and hard wood floors. Okay...that's fine. I like those colors and I want to stick with them.

Now, do I want florals in the design of the curtains? I don't know...I think I'm sick of florals. Maybe I need to go with a more contemporary pattern? Or maybe I could find something that's not too contemporary but not too florally. Or how about something in a solid color but that has a particular look to the a suede type of material? Or maybe a simple cotton duck fabric. Hey! Here's something that might be an idea--Bamboo panels! How cool is that?? But are they heavy? Would they be too heavy for the rod I have? Hmmm...they should be okay, but I'm not sure. Oh geez! Here we go!!

Maybe this is why I keep putting of getting new window curtains! The selection is huge and overwhelming! And some days, I'm not too good at making decisions.

Maybe I should stick to painting pictures of windows like the one I did a few years ago!

Maybe I need to calm down a bit! Good Lord! It's only window curtains, Jane!

This IS painful...and now I'm back to Eminem's words...

"Maybe that's why they call it window pain!"

Okay...I am really showing my true colors here. It's obvious I need to take some time and think about what I *really* want for my living room windows before I make any big decisions .

Meanwhile, I'll just sit back, sip my coffee and do some online 'window shopping'! (Pun intended!) And sometime soon I'll finally be ready to make some decisions!

More interesting stuff on the way...until then,


Linda Lewis at Creative Artworks! said...

I love this, Jane! Let me know when your 'window pain' has ended. :0)

Jane Loedding said...

LOL!! It might be awhile...I'm so indecisive with some things! Thanks for your support! :D

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