Thursday, November 03, 2011

Comparison Shopping at

   I recently found a website - - that is based on the theory of comparison shopping. In doing a quick look around the site it seems as if it has a lot to offer from price comparison, product reviews and deals on a variety of goods.

   For example I decided to search for an accordion baby gate. You wonder, "Why does she need one of these if her kids are all teens?" Well, I can explain. My dog has issues with anxiety and when we have company I have to put her in my room with the door shut until she calms down. I hate having to lock her away so I've considered buying one of these gates. I did a search for one on and I got a huge listing of different baby gates, their prices and the stores where I can find them. Pretty cool!

   I did a few other random searches for different baby items just to get the feel of the site. One was for a baby bed that attaches to parents bed and I got a whole page of product matches with the prices and the stores where you find them. Plus I also got suggestions to look in other categories. Then I did another random search. I chose to look for infant diamond stud earrings and I got three pages of results. Geez! That surprised me because my daughter didn't get her ears pierced until she was twelve! I didn't realize baby diamond earrings were in such demand! Oh well...I always say how out of it I am!

   I also liked how much information you can get with this website. They have a shopping blog, they list hot deals on their site, shopping tips, a top ten list and more.

   So take some time to check it out. I'm going back to look at those baby gates again. I seriously worry that my dog is going to knock my mother-in-law over some day and maybe this is a good option for me. Hey! And now that I think about it I need a new dishwasher, too. Off to comparison shop!

   More on the way...until then,

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