Thursday, October 27, 2011

Puzzles + Games = Peace

   Recently my daughter was assigned a school project and she was instructed to use as many household items as possible. As the project due date neared we headed to the basement to find our big tub of craft supplies. We began forging through our 'stuff' and soon I stumbled upon a kids game and immediately my mind filled with great memories. My kids and I played games when they were little all the time. Fom Candy Land to Twister we had all the classics as well as some other games that were less known, but still loads of fun. And we had lots of puzzles, too. One puzzle that we pulled out was one of those 3D model puzzles...a T-Rex dinosaur that my youngest son put together not too long ago. I remember how neat that one was!

   Also in seeing these puzzles and games it brought back many wonderful memories of my mom. She used to do puzzles all the time and I recall how addicting they were. We'd stop over at her house and there she would be sitting in her living room watching tv and putting her puzzle together. You couldn't help but get involved. And my kids loved it, too! What a great way to spent true quality time together.

   While my kids are all teenagers and still living at home, I rarely see them. As many parents know once your kids reach a certain age they are hardly ever home. If they aren't at some kind of practice, stage crew responsibilites, baseball practice or whatever...then they are off and running with their friends. But thankfully I have great memories which bring me a sense of peace.

   My goal when I started out with my business was to make sure my family was a priority. Some days I question everything and I wonder if I did enough. But seeing those puzzles and games filled me with happiness and at that moment I realized I did the best I could. And that gives me peace.

More fun on the way...until then,


Linda Lewis at Creative Artworks! said...

I love this blog, Jane. I almost felt I was there, watching you take out things from the crafts bin. I hope you don't doubt yourself often. I can tell, even from a distance, that you've been a wonderful mom.

Jane Loedding said...

Awww...thank you so much, Linda! Coming from someone like you is a huge compliment! My feelings about you are the same!

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