Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharin' some fun...

Just taking some time this morning to look over some of my work that I haven't seen for a while. Here are some of my FUN favorites:

This is a fire house located in New York. It was painted for the young son of one of the firefighters. I was pretty nervous to paint it but it ended up being fun to create and love how it turned out. :)

This plaque was painted for my sister's friend who loves to decorate her home with peace signs. I like to try and show some dimension when I paint...this one was fun, too!

A few years ago I ordered some plain MDF coasters so I could paint some for myself. I had some blanks left over and decided to do something different. I sort of made these into ornaments, but not the kind for a Christmas tree. I was thinking more along the lines of hanging it in my window from one of those small suction cups that work well when hanging things on glass. I love the colors! I must be itching for spring time since I'm choosing all of these bold pretty shades to share!

Here is an angled photo of the set of four ornaments that I made...more color!

Okay...I better get to work now! I had lots of family related appointments to tend to this week and now I'm behind! Oh well...what else is new??? I'm always behind!

More fun on the way...until then,

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