Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting REAL About Online Dating

A good friend of mine and her business partner recently launched a new website that offers a very unique and very needed service for those involved with online dating.

The site is called Romance Reality Check and they provide professional background checks for online or internet daters. They offer three different package plans - the Casual Reality Check, the Serious Reality Check and the Ultimate Reality Check. Each package price is dependent upon the amount of information you are seeking. And each background check is thoroughly reviewed by a licensed private investigator most of which will be completed within 48 hours.

Now you might be wondering, "Why on earth would you, Jane...a happily married woman...even be remotely interested in a service related to online dating??"

Well, it's not for me, of course. BUT, I have lots of single family members and friends that are single and searching for that special someone. A few of these loved ones have gone the internet dating route and we've heard our share stories from these people...some good and some bad. One of the bad stories was very disturbing and while I won't go into lots of detail, I will say it wasn't pretty.To explain briefly...

A dear friend of ours met a girl online and she 'seemed' like a lovely person. My husband and I even got to meet her and we liked her. But sadly after a few months strange things started to surface which certainly got our attention. I won't go into all the gory details, but when all was said and done this woman ended up in jail. She stole credit card information from her ex-husband and she fraudulently used this information to steal from him.

And what also makes this story even sadder...our dear friend ended up losing about $300.00 that he 'lent' to this woman.

So while I'm sure there are plenty of internet dating stories that ended happily someone else will have to share that perspective. My loved one experienced the dark side of internet dating and I wish like crazy there was such a service a few years ago. He very well could have avoided this nightmare.

And to share more information about this valuable service...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner Romance Reality Check is offering a Valentine's Special:

Order a background check package by February 14, 2011 and receive a 25% discount! (Applies to new customers only.)

So please, in the interest of protecting your loved ones, share this new website. Simply click on over to Romance Reality about their service...learn what you can do to protect yourself and/or your loved ones. And then share the news of this wonderful service with anyone you know that might be venturing into the online dating world!

More goodies on the way...until then,

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